Hiring A Magician Essex

For the first time he presents ‘Magician Essex’ – spellbinding magic which will get everyone talking – even though he never speaks a word.

You will laugh, you will gasp and you will applaud – the perfect combination of light-hearted entertainment developed from over two decades of unparalleled excellence.

Whether it’s a family audience, a corporate event or a production show, The Magician Essex even appeals to those who wouldn’t typically watch a magician.


Hiring A Magician Essex

That’s what your guests will say when you hire The Magician essex a professional
entertainer with more than twenty years of performing experience.

Most hosts announce that there’s going to be a magician at their party.
Then when the guests arrive, they’re told that the magician is unfortunately ill
but has agreed to perform over the phone!

The guests are surprised with the news but not as surprised as they’re going to be!

As the show begins, your guests grab their cellphones, and
The Magician Essex takes it from there – performing a G-rated thirty-minute magic show
appropriate for older high school students through adults.

The magic happens right in the hands of your guests!
Guaranteed to have people talking about your party for years to come.

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:::Welcome to Pendle Coven, the sonic arts collective specialising in electronic music & vinyl preservation:::

 :::Trouble At Mill EP (Modern Love):::

…A1 Jaunty Angle…A2 RollOut (M.V.P. Mix)…A3 Spagnum Moss…B1 Bracken…B2 Nick’O’Pendle

:::Trig Point EP (Modern Love):::

… A1 Blast Turntable (Binky’s Beats)…A2 Hoarfrost…A3 Lost Twistors…B1 Jaunty Angle (Claro Intelecto Remix)…B2 Petroleum Therapy…B3 Stuart’s Triumph

:::NMB Allstars… bolton 8 EP (NMB):::

…Compilation of various artists, featuring trax from north west electronic artists including pendle coven…

:::Boomkat Selected Mixtapes Volume 5:::

…A selection of contemporary and classic techno records mixed by one half of pendle coven

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