Best Online Piano Course

Piano Lessons for music lovers

Music is fun. Piano is amazing! If you want to take piano lessons just to unplug from the daily work or improve your existing piano skills, I’ve helped many students achieve better performance both for playing and increasing efficiency in practicing.

Life is good and adventurous especially in US.

Same for a best online piano course .


Piano Styles

We are quite lucky to live in US! Music styles galore. We have some of the top musicians in the world. And yes, they can influence our musical taste. From classical to all sorts of jazz, we can find some of the great funk, rock, outstanding blues and some amazing opera! I won’t teach you opera but certainly will give you some good tricks for the other styles.

Ear Training

Music is the art of sounds. As a piano teacher, ear training is one of my favorite parts of the musical education. Ear training combined with improvisation on the piano or any instrument creates some of the best results. I made a bunch of audio tapes for my piano students who desire educating their ears!!!